60 minutes/$85  |  90 minutes/$120


(pronounced: "ah-she-aht-zu")

... is a barefoot, deep tissue compression massage that increases circulation and opens areas of restricted fascia. "Knots" melt, muscles are detoxified and re-nourished, and the nervous system is meta soothed. 

Ashiatsu is performed similarly to "regular", hands-on massage, with the client disrobed to his/her comfort level, properly draped (i.e., covered), and lying on a cloud-like work surface. The therapist stands on the work surface, near (not on!) the client, and performs the massage with her feet, using bars overhead for balance, support, and leverage. 

The Ashiatsu "work surface" at Integration Massage, LLC

The Ashiatsu "work surface" at Integration Massage, LLC

The therapist's feet feel like giant, warm, soft hands so there is never any sharp or "pokey" discomfort as with some deep tissue/therapeutic techniques using fingertips, knuckles, or elbows. Instead, Ashiatsu feels like a hypnotic, flowing Swedish Relaxation massage at that perfect level of pressure that makes you go, "aaaaaaahhh..."

Clients who enjoy deep tissue relaxation massage, structural integration work, and/or sports massage will love Ashiatsu.

Ashiatsu is not recommended for clients who have diabetes, osteoporosis, unregulated high blood pressure, moderate to severe varicose veins, herniated/ bulging/ protruding or ruptured vertebral discs, or must take prescription blood thinners.