60 minutes/$85  |  90 minutes/$120

Prenatal Massage

A woman's body is miraculously transformed during the childbearing year, but these rapid changes frequently cause discomforts. Massage during pregnancy helps relieve many of these complaints through the positive physiological effects of soft tissue manipulation. 

This is not a superficial, fluff massage. Moderate pressure combined with proper positioning, a focus on the weight-bearing joints and musculoskeletal shifts that accompany the woman's changing posture, make this relaxing massage truly therapeutic as well. 

Clients report far easier pregnancies (especially second, third, etc.) with massage vs. pregnancies when the mother was not massaged; and, as we know, what's good for mommy also benefits baby. 

For optimal wellness during this amazing time, women with no prenatal complications are encouraged to begin a regular, monthly regimen of massage as early as possible.