60 minutes/$85  |  90 minutes/$120

Rx Relaxation

It's a scientifically-proven, medically-recognized fact that stress depletes our immune system functions. Chronic, long-term stress (or instances of brief but acute stress) sends the body into a self-perpetuating, negative fight-or-flight loop and we lose the ability to heal and regenerate.

Rx Relaxation massage is a health treatment that breaks the depleted-adrenaline/excessive-cortisol cycle and guides the body back into homeostasis.

Medium pressure, long, flowing strokes, aromatherapy, warm towels, and other calming techniques create a somatic meditation that gently reunites the mind and body. Muscle tension is decreased, circulation is improved, hormone levels are balanced, and the overstimulated nervous system is soothed.

Clients who lead hectic lives or wish to improve their overall health will benefit most from receiving Rx Relaxation on a regularly scheduled basis.